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Thursday, 17 March 2011


Well, it wasn't as bad as i thought... I didn't put anything back on thank god but i only lost 0.6lbs :(.
Yesterday went ok, but recently it seems like everyone is trying to stop me from reaching my goal. I know it's just a coincidence because no one knows that i'm cutting back on food/calories. A few of us used to eat dinner together but we haven't in a while so it's easy to fake dinner and say that you ate already.

Anyway, my other flatmate (maybe inspired by the cake) made banana bread. I was so proud of my self because i didn't have a crumb :). Although on the way back from buying things for our next uni project my friend decides he wants a doughnut... so i was made to walk completely out of the way to go to the new Krispy Kreme on the high street and wait while he chose a cookies and cream one... I'm sorry, i caved but only for an 1/8, a tiny morsel that they were giving away free, plus it was the original one so not as many calories as all the other ones.

Enough of the complaining.

Oh, I made a really nice, and healthy dinner. I have decided that i need to do this the healthy way so i made my self a piece of over baked chicken (lots of protein) marinaded in plain yoghurt and a bit of honey. It sounds a bit weird but my mum used to make it, and it results in a nicely glazed piece of chicken, oh and some cherry tomatoes (I could eat the whole packet they are sooo yummy).

Even though i didn't go over my calorie limit i only went from 115.4 lbs to 115.2 lbs :(. I hope i'm not hitting a plateau. If i am i'm going to try the body tricking plan, so it doesn't think i'm starving it. I kind of put it in a previous post but basically i will change my limits throughout the week e.g. 800, 900, 1000, 800, 800, 900, 1000 etc

I don't know if i can do that though, 900/1000 just makes me feel like a pig and all those lbs will go back on :(

Sorry for such a long post. I wonder if you guys even read this but in a strange way it helps me from not stuffing my face as i know i will have to tell you and i don't want to look really bad and like i have no will power.


Tuesday, 15 March 2011


I feel so disgusted with myself for eating cake mix plus cake, that I'm definitely NOT hungry for dinner.
Eeeekkk just thinking back to the image of me stuffing my face with all that chocolate and getting it on my face makes me believe i'm one of those pictures from all you girls' reverse thinspo posts...

Therefore this means that my total calorie intake today is 752, -125 calories :) :) Just water from now till bed time.

I dread tomorrow morning...

xx P

Unwelcome slip ups

Urgh I was doing so well today... until my flatmate comes back and brings with her all the ingredients to make an amazing chocolate fudge cake. Of course i couldn't say no to helping her because she could see I wasn't doing anything. She opened the white chocolate for the chunks (white chocolate = ultimate weakness) and it went all down hill from there... I even licked out the bowl and whisk. Fatty fatty fatty.

I was so pleased this morning when the scale said exactly 116 lbs. That means I've lost 1.6 lbs since yesterday. No doubt most of that will go on, since in addition to eating the mixture, the smell from the kitchen means i will probably not be able to resist a slither of freshly baked goodness. Hopefully I'll be able to not offend her by just having a taster mouthful. 

I also found this really good site that tells me how many calories my body needs per day.

My results are as follows: 

At rest, my body needs: 1,355 calories
(this is my BMR)

For typical daily activities, my body needs: 542 calories

It also says to lose 2lbs a week I need to eat 1,400 calories and burn 503 calories. This is waaaaayyy too many calories to take in :O.

Looking at another site, it says that for my height and weight i should eat 1,205 calories a day for fat loss or 928 calories for extreme fat loss.

1507 Calories/day
Fat Loss
1205 Calories/day
Extreme Fat Loss
928 Calories/day

7 day calorie cycle (zig-zag)

 Ex Fat LossFat LossMaintain
*Calorie cycling provides same amount of calories per week, but 'tricks' your body by constantly changing daily calories. This helps to prevent or break plateaus. Guideline only.

Well for the past 2 day I've been allowing only 800 calories a day and so far I've managed to stay in the 700s until my slip up this afternoon. This makes me 77 calories over my limit today (I have already factored in dinner).

I was also wondering whether to factor in fruit and veg, which is most of my calorie intake (I always do anyway)...???

Today's plan (I always plan before I eat anything so as not to go over my limit for the day):

Greek yogurt        
2x Malt loaf slice  (definitely didn't need these)
Calories: 363

Calories: 139

Wild Mushroom soup
Spinach leaves on top
Calories: 125

Peanut butter
Urgh and cake mixture :( I would have been under without this.
Calories: 251

Total : 877 calories 

I hope i lose tomorrow morning. If not it will have taught me not to unnecessarily snack.

Any tips will be greatly appreciated :)

xx P 

Sunday, 13 March 2011

This time it will work...

So this is my first post ever... I was never really good at keeping a diary and such, mainly because I couldn't see the point as no one was going to read it. However, I have decided that this blog will help me achieve my dream of being thin and not having to worry all the time about my fat thighs and stomach.

I want to look around a room and be able to comfortably say that I'm the skinniest there and be able to fit perfectly into a UK size 6 as at the moment I am a UK 8/10. I would do anything in the world to have a flat stomach, no love-handles and thighs that don't touch.

I was doing really well until last week when I went to Berlin for 6 days. In under just a week I'd gone from 118.2 lbs to 115.6 lbs. Then I went to Berlin and it was a case of following to where the majority of my friends wanted to eat... German sausage, chips, pizza and the only thing green i ate all week was a pesto chicken sandwich with lettuce in a healthy cafe on wednesday. Ahh I can't live without my fruit and veg. That week food wise killed me as i HATE fast food and i am proud to say i've never eaten a McDonalds burger before. Sadly I am back up to 118.6 (0.4 lbs higher than when I started).

I probably wont update everyday, but this blog will give me the motivation to reach 105 lbs as telling you guys and proving that i can do it will definitely motivate me.

xx P