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Thursday, 17 March 2011


Well, it wasn't as bad as i thought... I didn't put anything back on thank god but i only lost 0.6lbs :(.
Yesterday went ok, but recently it seems like everyone is trying to stop me from reaching my goal. I know it's just a coincidence because no one knows that i'm cutting back on food/calories. A few of us used to eat dinner together but we haven't in a while so it's easy to fake dinner and say that you ate already.

Anyway, my other flatmate (maybe inspired by the cake) made banana bread. I was so proud of my self because i didn't have a crumb :). Although on the way back from buying things for our next uni project my friend decides he wants a doughnut... so i was made to walk completely out of the way to go to the new Krispy Kreme on the high street and wait while he chose a cookies and cream one... I'm sorry, i caved but only for an 1/8, a tiny morsel that they were giving away free, plus it was the original one so not as many calories as all the other ones.

Enough of the complaining.

Oh, I made a really nice, and healthy dinner. I have decided that i need to do this the healthy way so i made my self a piece of over baked chicken (lots of protein) marinaded in plain yoghurt and a bit of honey. It sounds a bit weird but my mum used to make it, and it results in a nicely glazed piece of chicken, oh and some cherry tomatoes (I could eat the whole packet they are sooo yummy).

Even though i didn't go over my calorie limit i only went from 115.4 lbs to 115.2 lbs :(. I hope i'm not hitting a plateau. If i am i'm going to try the body tricking plan, so it doesn't think i'm starving it. I kind of put it in a previous post but basically i will change my limits throughout the week e.g. 800, 900, 1000, 800, 800, 900, 1000 etc

I don't know if i can do that though, 900/1000 just makes me feel like a pig and all those lbs will go back on :(

Sorry for such a long post. I wonder if you guys even read this but in a strange way it helps me from not stuffing my face as i know i will have to tell you and i don't want to look really bad and like i have no will power.



  1. Thanks following :)
    Any loss is better than no loss :)
    Good idea about varying your intake.
    Stay strong,
    Lottie x

  2. You can do it!
    You'll get to your Goal weight eventually if you keep eating healthy and not snacking on foods like bread and cake!
    good luck :)